License GPL v2

gitx screenshot blame
gitx screenshot blame
gitx screenshot blame

Commit view

  • Commit/Parents/Tree SHA links
  • File changes counts
  • File Diffs
  • Commit Tags and Refs

File view

  • Source Code Highlight
  • Blame
  • File History (log)
  • Diff with local and HEAD


  • Branches
  • Remotes
  • Stashes
  • Submodules

Stage view

  • Unstaged/Staged files
  • Stage/Discard by lines
  • Amend
  • File diff


Esta es mi propia versión de GitX y cumple con mis requisitos para el uso diario de Git en MacOSX.

GitX funciona en MacOSX 10.6, pero puede que funcione en versiones anteriores, pero no tengo forma de probarlo, si tu lo usas en otras versiones, dimelo.

GitX necesita Git 1.6.0 o superior


This is my own version of GitX and it meets all my requirements on my day-to-day use of Git on MacOSX.

GitX run on MacOSX 10.6, but It could work on previous version, but I can't test it, if you can, send me a message.

GitX requires Git 1.6.0 or higher

by Germán Laullón & others Committers

git log --all --format='<li>%aN</li>' | sort -u

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